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Boadicea Intense perfume review

Boadicea Intense perfume review

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“just your mouth

 just your love

 just your anointing oils

 just your name

 just your chambers

 just your love

 and my myrrh

 and my spice

 and my honeycomb

 and my honey

 and my wine

 and my milk “

David Lang – Just (After Song of Songs) soundtrack to Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth (2016).

Honey is such a complex natural scent, so multifaceted and rich, that it’s a hard task to properly translate its natural beauty into the perfect perfume essence. Though appealing, the honey note in perfumes can easily turn “Doctor Hyde” on me and weave a sticky claustrophobic veil on my skin… with this iconic image of Monica Belluci immediately popping to mind:

Monica Bellucci
Boadicea Intense perfume review
Monica Bellucci

What can be more ancestrally sweet-sinful than honey, I ask? From the biblical promised lands of milk and honey, passing through the ambrosia and nectar of the gods, wiping away the tears of the Sun Gods, reaching the eternal Yggdrasil, the giant tree of Norse mythology, with its roots entwined in the nine worlds, dripping honey.

For me, Boadicea is THE honey I’ve been looking for in a perfume. An ode to honey, perfectly composed, with an obsession to details bordering a Hieronymus Bosch level, painting with aroma molecules an eternal garden of worldly desires.

Boadicea it’s all about honey, but like sins, how many facets and nuances it can have! Rotating between the dark side: sensual, fetishized, sometimes feral and salty, other times sharp like a sudden sweat, musky like a morning embrace; to the other bright side of the moon: vegetal, sweet, appetizingly citric, and deeply floral – that kind of vegetal sweetness and depth that makes me see all the petals and pollen of the world spun in a whirlwind. Boadicea Intense feels like an olfactory mixing palette on which, no matter how many colors you mix in, the result is always sweet, deep and ambery – yellowed.

Intense by Boadicea de Victorious was launched in 2009 and was created by John Stephen. The notes are: Citrus Notes, Lily, Rose, Jasmine, Honey, Vanilla, Patchouli

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