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Jeroboam Boha

Jeroboam Boha

This Jeroboam Boha fragrance review first appeared on Cafleurebon

As a SF aficionado, the Google Deep Dream project fascinated me from the first second I’ve heard about it. In short, it’s an algorithm that locates and alters certain patterns identified in pictures, then it renders back to you the tweaked imagery, based on different parameters, and the results are sometimes nightmarish and at other times strangely… artistic.

Jeroboam Boha fragrance review
photo by Parfum Buro, digital editing by LilithEva
Jeoboam Boha, photo by Parfum Buro, digital editing by LilithEva

I like to tell the following joke a little too often: a team of scientists asked the most intelligent computer they had built: “Is there a God?”, and the computer said “There is… NOW”. In order to birth the Google Deep Dream project, programmers created an artificial neural network, modeled after the human brain, a computer that can learn on its own. If they can learn, will they eventually dream? Will they make art? When we go deeper down the AI rabbit hole of what-ifs, I wonder how alien would visual art be, if based on a completely different set of rules of aesthetics, and the conceptual result of huge amounts crunched-in data.

A Vincent van Gogh-inspired Google DeepDream painting, Jeroboam Boha fragrance review
A Vincent van Gogh-inspired Google DeepDream painting

Jeroboam’s Boha (meaning “she” in Ukranian and pronounced “voha”) is the result of a collaboration between Dmitriy Slesariev, owner of Parfum Buro and François Henin of Jeroboam.

Dmitriy Slesariev, owner of Parfum Buro and François Henin of Jeroboam.
Jerboboam Boha perfume review
Dmitriy Slesariev, owner of Parfum Buro and François Henin of Jeroboam.

Dmitriy Slesariev: “I’ve tried thousands of exquisite fragrances. Some are associated with France, others with Italy, some others take us to different places in the world – but my dream is to find and bring home the one fragrance that could reflect the essence of my fellow country-women – the soul and essence of a Ukranian lady” 

François Henin: “If you want to get your own fragrance of a Ukrainian woman, you have to ask them questions. The whole country has to be questioned: the people who understand fragrance, men and women who are somehow connected to fragrances. The answer of people in the streets will surprise us as they will be different from those of journalists, fashion magazine editors, professionals of the market. You know me, I am crazy enough to do something that has artistic value and sense.”

Jeroboam Boha, Google DeepDream
Jeboboam Boha, Google Deep Dream

Boha was a meticulous and herculean adventure that took two years to complete. The team gathered various statistic data, studied local trends, targeted different focus groups, observed specificities and preferences and created in-depth fragrant questionnaires in order to pin point the most precise perfume profile of the Ukrainean women, in a perfume inspired and dedicated to them. Dmitriy Slesariev, François Henin, and perfumer Vanina Muracciole played with various ideas, tweaking every aspect until the pieces finally fell into place, and Boha, as we have it now, was created.  

The first whiff feels just like taking a bite out of a fresh granny smith apple, down to its seedy core – a burst of green, crisp bergamot, together with a mouthwatering green almond. The shade of vegetal, leafy bright green slowly dissolves into fine nervures of white petals, and the aria sung by the trio of gardenia, jasmine and orange blossom reaches its perfect harmony. 

Gardenia flower
Jeroboam Boha perfume review

Perfumer Vanina Muracciole, a virtuoso musk alchemist, concocted a “deep dream” scented algorithm, making the flower bouquet bloom in surprising and multidimensional ways, adding enveloping amber accords, and framing the base with oakmoss and sandalwood. The result is the white flower perfume that is both universally beautiful and intricately deep.

Jeroboam Boha was launched in 2018, and the nose is Vanina Muracciole. Top notes: Bergamot, Green almond; Heart notes: Violet leaf, Gardenia, Egyptian jasmine, Orange blossom; Base notes: Amberwood, Musk, Oakmoss, Australian sandalwood

Disclosure: Sample kindly provided by Jovoy Paris, opinions are my own

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