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Xerjoff Dhajala

Xerjoff Dhajala Fragrance review

“Capa: When a Stellar Bomb is triggered, very little will happen at first -and then a spark, will pop into existence, and it will hang for an instant, hovering in space and then, it will split into two, and those will split again, and again, and again… detonation beyond all imaging – the big bang on a small scale. – a new star born out of a dying one… I think it will be beautiful… No, I’m not scared
Searle: It’s invigorating. It’s like… taking a shower in light. You lose yourself in it.
Corazon: Like a floatation tank?
Searle: Actually, no. More like… In psych tests on deep space, I ran a number of sensory deprivation trials, tested in total darkness, on floatation tanks – and the point about darkness is, you float in it. You and the darkness are distinct from each other because darkness is an absence of something, it’s a vacuum. But total light envelops you. It becomes you. It’s very strange… I recommend it.”
Sunshine, 2007, directed by Danny Boyle

Sunshine movie
Xerjoff Dhajala
Sunshine, 2007, directed by Danny Boyle

The quote above sums up my feeling about Dhajala. It feels like a dream in which you are falling into the Sun in slow-motion, dissolving into tiny particles of orange light and ambery small sparkles of infinite energy. I absolutely adore it, especially in the first hour, which is not made of matter, but of “magnets and miracles”.

Xerjoff Dhajala
Xerjoff Dhajala and Sunshine video still, collage by Lilitheva

The shooting star collection inspiration comes from way back in 1947, when a shower of meteorites fell to earth in Eastern Siberia, beyond the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountains. 

A note from the brand “Dhajala is floral, resinous and rich in character, romantic for a dreamy night, piercing like Cupid’s arrows and as mysterious as a kaleidoscopic pattern. Floral, delightful, softly spicy, and balmy, Dhajala leans to a sumptuously musky dry down”
Notes: Bergamot, orange flower, galbanum, orange flowers, rose, jasmine, pink pepper, Tonkiphora balsam, Myroswelia balsam, amber

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