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Xerjoff – Shunkoin

Xerjoff – Shunkoin perfume review

Synopsis: The zen experience”

A note from the brand: “Spirituality club: The power of nature mirrors in one’s mind and sings with loud chords of enormous tranquility. From the power of tiny fluffy cherry blossoms and surrealistic blossoms of plum trees in the shivering weather of early spring in Japanese gardens, a weightless purity emerges.”


Xerjoff - Shunkoin
Elliot Banks, via unsplash

Introspective but not of a stern, disciplined nature, Shunkoin is a ritualistic construction of fragile ivory filigree details, no sharp edges, no tension, no escalation.
The first taste brings to the palate the texture of finely milled rice powder, closely followed by a whiter shade of pale presence with milky vanilla breath, slowly blowing the pink hue away from the cherry blossom petals. The aroma swirls in slow motion, without gravity, between the specks of dusty tea, risen in the air by an invisible whisk, turning slightly bitter almondy, then coconut milky, and finally settling, intimate and warm, behind the luminous sandalwood doors.

Xerjoff - Shunkoin
Xerjoff – Shunkoin, photo by Nicoleta

“Are my thoughts
revealed to others?
I dreamed my jeweled comb box
was open to the light.”
(Lady Otomo No Sakanoe , poet c.700-750)

Notes: tea leaf, sandalwood, woody notes, vanilla, cherry blossom, olibanum, orris root, powdery notes

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