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MiN NEW YORK – Magic Circus

MiN NEW YORK – Magic Circus perfume review

  Synopsis: Join the circus    

A note from the brand:

Turn of the century,
a carnival
travels at dusk.

A scrumptious,
gourmand perfume.
A splendid wonder
in enchantment.

Top: Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Ananas & Cotton Candy
Heart: Cistus, Labdanum, Nuts & Geranium
Base: Patchouli, Caramel & Wood Chips

MiN NEW YORK - Magic Circus
MiN NEW YORK, Magic Circus

Is there such a thing as a false olfactive memory? I’ve never been to an American amusement park – and the only references I have are just from horror games (thank you, Silent Hill III, you still haunt me) and various movies, the one with Tom Hanks the most alive in my mind – but somehow I’m sure this was the scent of an amusement park in the 80’s.

MiN NEW YORK - Magic Circus
Silent Hill III

It smells of a concoction of pink cotton candy, jawbreakers that sat in the hot sun, the acrid heated metal from the carousel, the pineapple half-melted slurpee. In addition, there is a caramel salty-sweet note (just like that good popcorn, the one with extra calories), over the olfactive backbone of a canopy with a woodworm-infested roof that has seen and dried up one too many rainfalls.

MiN NEW YORK - Magic Circus
Movie: Big 1998, with Tom Hanks

If it is a “magical circus”, it does not take us to the “Zoologist” path and keeps itself to the gourmand yellow brick carmel road, all pleasant and lovable but with a deeper layer. It has something bitter-vegetal-twisted that touches a lower chord, a certain kind of nostalgia inherent to a romanticized traveling circus, the wailing of slimy and barefoot kids, an acrobat anointing some old scars with medicinal herbs, the empty sad gaze of the “freaks” staring into distorted mirrors.

MiN NEW YORK - Magic Circus
© Lilith & Eva – Babylon Beauty


F ** king magic, it’s – what Min NY manages to do with these Scent Stories. 

Sounds like:


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