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Fan your flames

Nishane – Fan your flames

Nishane – Fan your flames perfume reviews

Synopsis: Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. ”

Top notes: coconut and rum
Middle notes: tobacco and tonka bean
Base notes: oakmoss and chinese cedar.
Born at the crossroads, as sparkly and colorful as the mosaics on a minaret, the Nishane potions are nothing short of amazing. Fusing the oriental ardor and intensity of 1001 nights with the fairy tales and ghosts of old Europe, the perfumes are intense, somehow familiar – but in the same time infused with the adrenaline of the unknown.
Nishane - Fan your flames
© Lilith & Eva – Babylon Beauty

Hic sunt leones” was written on old maps, on uncharted territories. We are in strange but familiar olfactive waters with Fan your flames. Upon first sniff, about a year ago, it conjured up the image of John Long Silver – the coconut, the tobacco wafting from the hookah, the rum, the cedar of the ship, the smokiness, the charred wooden smell – it was all there in all its pirate-y glory. I liked it then, but I was not IN love.

Nishane - Fan your flames
Andy Walsh painting
Today, tested in summer scorching heat, it sang to me, and it did so – loudly. The sweet spiral of the wood descending into the booziness of the rum, all melted in a haze of white, thick smoke, with the echos of charred coconut, burned sweetness, so beautiful that it made me feel present and suddenly awake. I felt the notes of this song superimposed onto the perfume, like talcum paper placed over thickly drawn figures. This song speaks of the “hic sunt leones” of uncharted feelings, the nostalgia for a birthplace that was never home, of belonging “elsewhere”. Being homesick with nowhere to return to and come back to – be it a place, a time or dear people no longer present.
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