UER MI line review

A note from the brand:

“Perfumes and fabrics share an elective affinity with our skin. Both are literally worn by us, becoming a subtle or strong expression of our personality. Perfumes and fabrics caress and gratify our senses: smell, sight, touch in particular. A project made in Italy, in its concept and manufacture, an olfactive research in collaboration with some of the most talented master perfumers of the world: Antoine Lie, Cécile Zarokian, Jean Jacques, Philippe Bousseton, Luca Maffei, Alexandra Carlin, Maurice Roucel. They have created beautiful ‘olfactory answers’ to provocative questions like “if you think of velvet or silk or tweed… what is the first beautiful scent that comes to your mind?”. Each interpretation becomes always very personal, intriguing.”

© Lilith & Eva – Babylon Beauty

In 1921, Coco Chanel asked Ernest Beaux to create a perfume that “that smells like a woman, not a flower bed“, something that smells man-made, something “artificial”. Almost 100 years later, the quest is still on.

What would be the smell of something made by an A.I. algorithm, something truly and deeply artificial, no nostalgia, no stories, no gods, no sexuality, no baggage? The closest to that feeling of a non-descript blank canvas, white noise, wallpaper scent etc is – to me- Italian niche house UERMI (wear me).

 VE ± Velvet:  a very resinous vetiver that features lemon, elemi, cardamom, mint, cedar, patchouli and vetiver. Smells like computer cables fueling some sort of bitter sap to an artificial but beautiful forest. This is how I imagine Elon Musk’s car freshener smells like. In this car:

Tesla in space

 OR ± Ange: a cyberspace citrus experience. Fruity, spicy and metallic with bulgarian rose, coriander, kiwi, mango, tangerine, and orange. Smells like a birthday cake made for  HAL 9000 (the sentient computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey).

2001: A space odyssey

If you like UER MI, also try another Italian brand: Angela-Ciampagna





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