Kajal Dahab

Biting into a crisp and hard Granny Smith apple, feeling your mouth water from the sour, sharp juice that sizzles, acidic – feeling as refreshing as the dawn of a new adventure. Soon, other fruits gather along, rolling alongside you, in an epicurean avalanche of sweet joys that went from mouth-wateringly tart to deliciously nectar-sweet gourmand.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses

If there ever were a perfect overlay of a freeze-frame of a movie superimposed over a fragrance, this would be it: the rose garden after the storm, the smell of wet earth, broken branches, ruffled petals, the heavy smell of night, old buildings, stone archways, merging into one dense and memorable fragrant scene. And let’s not forget Lucy, hauntingly beautiful in the most perfect red nightgown.