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L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses

If there ever were a perfect overlay of a freeze-frame of a movie superimposed over a fragrance, this would be it: the rose garden after the storm, the smell of wet earth, broken branches, ruffled petals, the heavy smell of night, old buildings, stone archways, merging into one dense and memorable fragrant scene. And let’s not forget Lucy, hauntingly beautiful in the most perfect red nightgown.

Der Duft Cinematic

Der Duft Cinematic (Miguel Matos) Fragrance Review, first published in Cafleurebon “Words are made for a certain exactness of thought, as tears are for a certain degree of pain. What is least distinct cannot be named; what is clearest is unutterable.” René Daumal (1908-1944), French surrealist writer and poet The simplest definition for ekphrasis is …

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Boadicea Intense perfume review

Boadicea Intense perfume review

*Boadicea Intense perfume review first appeared on Cafleurebon “just your mouth  just your love  just your anointing oils  just your name  just your chambers  just your love  and my myrrh  and my spice  and my honeycomb  and my honey  and my wine  and my milk “ David Lang – Just (After Song of Songs) soundtrack …

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Majda Bekkali

Majda Bekkali- Mon Nom est Rouge

Enter Mon Nom est Rouge: same as with Biggazzi’s images, you can freeze-frame this fragrance’s development at any second – and it’s still a picture-perfect example of a perfectly composed, bathed in the right kind of all-natural light, bright focus on the main player – intricate but never too much – artistic type of wizardry. And it punctuates, with red, the whole tender love affair between incense and spices.