Envoutant Francesca Dell'oro

Francesca Dell’Oro Envoutant

Envoutant (translates as enchanting) seems to be built after an art nouveau olfactive print, with an unexpected middle eastern influence. With an intricate and sinuous construction, resting on the natural curves of flower stems, with striking colorful whiplash lines of sharp spices, and abrupt valleys of oud and vanilla, the perfume is both reassuring and startling at the same time.

Bat Zoologist

Zoologist Bat

A whiff of darkness, coming from the underground “belly of the earth” and the coldness of narrow stone corridors that are lost in mazes submerged underwater (the R.E.M phase of a reoccurring nightmare for this claustrophobic here). Although it is earthy-moist-mineral-fermented-fruity-resinous, the perfume somehow manages to keep an airy note, running through its DNA.

Majda Bekkali

Majda Bekkali- Mon Nom est Rouge

Enter Mon Nom est Rouge: same as with Biggazzi’s images, you can freeze-frame this fragrance’s development at any second – and it’s still a picture-perfect example of a perfectly composed, bathed in the right kind of all-natural light, bright focus on the main player – intricate but never too much – artistic type of wizardry. And it punctuates, with red, the whole tender love affair between incense and spices.